Do you need more space to enlarge a kitchen or to add a new bedroom or bathroom? We can work with your design ideas or with your architect plans to create a beautiful new space, either on the main floor or in the basement or attic. We can also add seismic retrofitting to the basement, bolting the house down to the foundation to safeguard it in the event of an earthquake. Most homes built before 1962 in Seattle do not have any bolt attachments to the foundation.

New Entry Point

The original entry to this house was from the side door. A new entrance to the front makes this house more welcoming.

new entry addition with entry at the front of the house
detail of stairs to new entry
old entry from the side of house new entry under construction

Master Bedroom and Garage

The addition of a new master bedroom and two-car garage are well integrated into this home's existing architecture.

finished addition of master bedroom and garage
closeup of new master bedroom and garage under construction
new mster bedroom and garage under construction

Kitchen Plus Room

We expanded and remodeled the kitchen in this house and built an additional room as well, providing practical cooking space as well as a comfortable gathering area near the kitchen.

new kitchen
new room next to kitchen
kitchen and room addition under construction closeup of cooking area in new kitchen

Kitchen and Deck

A tidy ironwood deck complementing a kitchen addition creates wonderful new space for this beautiful home.

finished kitchen addition and new deck
closeup of roof peaks over new addition
foundation for new addition kitchen addition under construction